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Our History

The New York State Title Association was founded in 1921. In 1993, the organization was incorporated as the New York State Land Title Association, Inc. Past Presidents 1921-22Cyril H. BurdettN.Y. Title & Mortgage Company1922-24Herbert J. FreehanAttorney, Seneca Falls1924-25Arthur E. BishopMohawk Abstract Corporation1925-27Henry J. DavenportHome Title Guaranty Company1927-29Elwood C. Smith Attorney, Monroe1929-31William W. SmithAbstract & Title Corporation1931-33Russell G. DunmoreDunmore, Ferris & Dervey1933-37Jasper W. CornaireAttorney, Watertown1937-46William L. Marcy, Jr.Moot, Sprague, March & Gulick1946-48Edward E. RankinAlbany Title Company1948-51Paul D. MoonanMonroe Abstract & Title Corporation1952-53Coverly FischerHome Title Guaranty Company1953-54Robert A. KerstenAbstract & Title Corporation1954-55Thomas H. QuinnInter-County Title Guaranty and Mortgage Co.1955-56Jerome F. KatzLawyers Mortgage & Title Corporation1956-57Daniel A. WhelanAmerican Title Insurance Corporation(Guaranteed Title Division)1957-58Mac C. SeltzerMetropolitan Title Guaranty Company1958-59William H. DeatlyThe Title Guarantee Company1959-60Otto FromkesCity Title Insurance Company1960-61John A. AlbertInter-County Title Guaranty & Mortgage Co.1961-62Seymour FischmanSecurity Title and Guaranty Company1962-63Lorimer DennerAmerican Title Insurance Company(Guaranteed Title Division)1963-64Edward L. DashChicago Title Insurance Company(Home Title Division)1964-65Leo J. SullivanMonroe Abstract & Title Corporation1965-66Arthur J. SeltzerMetropolitan Title Guaranty Company1966-67Aime C. BettexThe Title Guarantee Company1967-68Saul FromkesCity Title Insurance Company1968-69Edward FrisbeeAlbany Title Company1969-70Thomas H. QuinnInter-County Title Guaranty & Mortgage Co.1970-71Thomas PearsonSecurity Title and Guaranty Company1971-72James W. BrayAmerican Title Insurance Company(Guaranteed Title Division)1972-73Alvah Rogers, Jr.Chicago Title Insurance Company1973-74Paul D. Moonan, Jr.Monroe Abstract & Title Corporation1974-75Justin WinstonMetropolitan Title Guaranty Company1975-76Richard A. CecchettiniThe Title Guarantee Company1976-76Patrick L. FucilloSecurity Title and Guaranty Company1976-77Lee B. FreedmanLawyers Title Insurance Corporation1977-78Gary SeltzerCommonwealth Land Title Insurance Company1978-79Harold S. SchwartzFirst American Title Insurance Co. of N.Y.1979-80William T. Margiotta, Jr.City Title Insurance Company1980-81Samuel J. GiulianoUSLIFE Title Insurance Company of N.Y.1981-82Clarence R. CastelAmerican Title Insurance Company1982-83Gerald PeckCarle Place Service Corp. andContinental Abstract Co.1983-84Peter E. BeckerSecurity Title & Guaranty Company1984-85William A. ColavitoChicago Title Insurance Company1985-86Paul D. MoonanMonroe Abstract & Title Corporation1986-87Bernard M. RifkinTicor Title Guarantee Co.1987-88Robert (Ted) DaceyLawyers Title Insurance Corporation1988-89Harold S. SchwartzFirst American Title Insurance Co. of N.Y.1989-90Richard MarcusCommonwealth Land Title Insurance Co.1990-91Edward M. NortonNew York TRW Title Insurance Inc.1991-92Gary SeltzerTopaz Abstract Corporation1992-93Michael B. SkalkaStewart Title Insurance Company1993-94Robert G. BannonFirst American Title Insurance Co. of N.Y.1994-95Timothy J. ProvostProvost & Redgrave Title Services, Inc.1995-96Donald C. Weigel, Jr.Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co.1996-97Stanley J. LacherGlobe Title Agency, Inc.1997-98Felice K. ShapiroOld Republic National Title Insurance Co.1998-99Lawrence M. LitwackBig Apple Abstract Corporation1999-00Lawrence B. LipschitzCommonwealth Land Title Insurance Co.2000-01Michael T. McAuleyCrossroads Abstract2001-02Marvin N. BagwellUnited General Title Insurance Co.2002-03Sal J. TuranoAbstracts Incorporated2003-04Thomas P. MoonanMonroe Title Insurance Corporation2004-05Shawn Patrick AbramsTrinity Abstract, Inc.2005-06Jonathan A. RichardsFidelity National Title Ins. Co.2006-07Thomas P. TafuriRegal Title Agency2007-08Michael P. MiglinoChicago Title Insurance Co.2008-09Nancy C. FarrellVenture Title Agency, Inc.2009-10John J. PiccirilloLawyers Title Insurance Corp./FNTG2010-11Anthony MaiocchiThe Perfect Abstract, Inc.2011-12Paul BugoniStewart Title Insurance Company2012-13Amelia J. KellyThe Seaport Title Agency, Ltd.2013-14Michael J. BerryFirst American Title Insurance Company2014-15Rafael CastellanosExpert Title Insurance Agency, LLC2015-16Marianne MathieuFidelity National Title Group2016-17Bill CollinsFrontier Research and Abstract