Among the most critical functions of the NYSLTA is advocacy on behalf of the title profession and consumer protection. This task is delegated to the Legislative Committee, assisted by Association staff and professional legislative specialists.

As bills are introduced to the State Senate and Assembly, the Legislative Committee studies the bill and determines appropriate action. Following intra-committee discussion, a determination may be made to issue a memorandum either in support of or opposition to the bill. Memos are presented to the bill’s sponsors with the objective of illuminating important aspects of the bill, the likely ramifications from the perspective of title insurance, and general impact on the citizens of New York.

The main event of our legislative advocacy is the annual Lobby Day, when members meet in the State Capitol with their legislators and other senior members of the Senate and the Assembly.

The Association also maintains a Government Relations Committee, charged with sustaining an ongoing working relationship with the Department of Financial Services, which regulates the title insurance industry. This committee provides technical expertise about title insurance to the department and serves as a vital communications channel to the executive branch of state government.

Throughout the state, Association members enjoy a close working relationship with county and municipal staff involved in the land records system. The Land Records Committee is an unofficial “early warning system” for local issues that have material impact on our members’ ability to serve their clients.

A Level Playing Field

From time to time, the NYSLTA will issue letters to other organizations or companies engaged in real estate finance. These communiques express the position of the Association on matters that impact the industry as a whole, the welfare of the consumer or the livelihood of Association members.