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Title insurance is markedly different from most financial product consumers are familiar with. Unlike life, health, property and casualty insurance – which have recurring premium payments – title insurance is paid for once and remains in force for the duration of the consumer’s ownership of the covered property.

While other forms of insurance protect the consumer against things that might happen in the future, title insurance protects the policy holder from past problems that can threaten your ownership and enjoyment of your property.

Title companies do something other types of insurance companies do not do – title people work with you to eliminate risk by removing or “curing” any problems. If a problem does come up – and it happens – your title insurance underwriter will defend you and your title to the property.

New York Title Insurance Guide

For a comprehensive directory of title companies in New York State searchable by county, visit the New York Title Insurance Directory.

ALTA’s Consumer Website

ALTA’s new consumer website helps explain the closing process, the purpose and function of title insurance, and how consumers can become better educated so that they understand the value we provide. Visit:

NYSLTA White Paper, November 2006

TITLE INSURANCE, THE INDUSTRY PROSPECTIVE (PDF) – a submission to the New York Insurance Department by the New York State Land Title Association, Inc.